Bad News/Good News

Bad News/Good News

The Bad News
It’s been awhile since I have updated this site! My apologies for that. I think that this is the kind of project that will take it’s own sweet time. It is pinhole, after all.

Inge has had our fearless traveller and finished roll #1. She shot the second roll and sent it on to Diane. In the meantime she developed our swap roll. Unfortunately, half of my shots didn’t come out. This happened before, on another swap roll I did with Brendan.

I am afraid our camera is worn out. I think I am going to have to retire her. I will have Diane send me the camera when she has finished the roll.

The Good News

The ever-wonderful Todd Schlemmer is graciously donating one of his awesome 3D printed pinhole cameras to our project!! This is going to be waaay better than using a Pinholga because he is going to make is especially for this project (which will make it extra special). It is one of his latest models. I am told it is a “pinhole system” and it sounds really awesome. It will be fun to play around with!

We will give Todd plenty of time to make the camera. Then Todd and I will experiment by doing a swap with it. I’ll have him send me the camera with a roll ready to shoot over, and then I will shoot a roll, rewind and send the camera back to him. Then, I think he will send it off to Inge, and we will just start the whole thing over.

I will need to figure out a new name for the project. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

Onward and upward!

I am actually quite excited about this new development. I think it will make the whole project much better.

Here is a photo of my own personal Schlem P6*6. The camera will look something like this but not exactly. It’s going to be a more updated version.


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